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It is a 100% effective treatment for your dry and pale skin. Baranga saves your face and body. It removes dead cells, black heads, pimples and all other blemishes that are enemy of your skin-health. No side effect, fully dependent on natural gifts. You become brighter than ever.

Contains :- Ingredients from nature – Masur, Anya, Godhum, Jab, Neem and Badam.

Method of use :- make a soft paste of the powdered material with plain water. Take small quantity of paste on your palm and apply on pigmented, scarred and black head areas of your face and body gently in circular movements. Massage for 5 minutes and then wash with water. This will remove your fatigueness and make your face and body instantly bright and shining. Do not apply it on rash and pimple affected face.


It is a remarkable product that protects your hair from dandruff. In case of dropping of hair, dryness, cracks and any other “Heavy Problems” this pack is your comrade-in-arms. No side effect, only dependent on natural gift. Effective for rough, brittle hair and split eds.

Contains :- Active ingredents only from natural harvest like Amlaki, Kesut, Brahmi, Methi, Bhringraj and Jaba.

Method of use :- Keep required quantity of powder in a bowl, put some boiling hot water slowly.Mix the whole thing carefully to make a soft thik paste.When ready apply it all over the scalp and hair. Wait for 50 minutes and then wash off nicely with KESHASATHI shampoo. Remember Keshasree is a food for hair. Each hair should get its share for survival.



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